There was a glorious moment where I got to practice the Spanish I do not know and work on an indie film in Baja. 8 DAYS IN SEPTEMBER wrapped in the last days of August. 

And because of this film, I was afforded the great pleasure of traipsing around the old FOX Studios in Rosarito, built for the making of Titanic, and generally walking where I wasn't supposed to go.

I got to play around as Mary, a call girl with a heart of gold, trapped in the under belly of late Nineties LA.

We sat in cars a lot. On a lot. We sat in a lot of cars on a lot, a lot.

In other news, I'll be working with LA-based Coeurage Theatre Company on the West Coast Premiere of the THE SPARROW. Huzzah! Anyone who knew me in high school will think it's hysterical that I will be the most-popular, cheer captain character, but such is life. And in this case, art is not imitating it.

In case you need music in your life right this instant. I've been binge-listening to this sonic beauty.