Riot Riot Riot

Had good clean fun working with Kyle Ayers and FIRST COMES LOVE for the second time. 

FIRST COMES LOVE, in short form, is Kyle's drunk-experiment become reality: porn scripts solicited via craigslist are acted out, live, onstage. It is parody. It is bad taste. It is brilliant. NerdMelt's Showroom was kind enough to host the packed crowd, yet again.

Danny Jolles and I had the true honor of working a Pinky and the Brain porno. Here are some of my favorite pictures. Notice those sweet mouse ears. Yeah. I made those.

Holy shit I finished the first & second drafts of my feature: SLAB CITY RIOT.

OutFest was a lovely time. Reconnected with old friends and saw some great new works. Congrats to the team of the shortfilm STRAWS. Y'all kicked ass.

A while back I was lucky enough to be invited to a launch event for Private Cartel. I met one of the founders, Deniz, through a mutual friend and I'm so happy! One of those rare ladies you  instantly want to spend more time with. Huge congrats to her business and big thanks for sharing the love!