Wrap Open

Worked with Investigation Discovery on episode "Into the Woods" of Murder Book.

Best news is, I was not a victim! Huzzah. I was the plucky young widow of a man disappeared, fighting her way through bureaucracy and small town secrets to discover the truth. DUN DUN DUN! The air date hasn't been announced yet, but when it happens, we should probably watch it with popcorn (and booze).

Rehearsals on Coeurage Theatre Company's The Sparrow are coming to an end, which means...we're about to open!

The Sparrow is the story of a young woman's return to the small town where she grew up, 10 years after the tragedy that originally sent her away. Can she help the town - and herself - move past their collective trauma, or are they doomed to be forever tied to that tragic event? It's a surprisingly funny and touching show. I keep describing it like the weird lovechild of Carrie and Donnie Darko, set in a graphic novel.

Coeurage is LA's only Pay What You WANT theatre company. That's pretty amazing. Apparently, someone once paid them with a fig, which is somehow so damn poetic... and also crazy. You can read about it, and the company, here

I cannot say enough good things about my cast, our stage manager, the creative team in general, or, and most especially, our director Joseph Calarco. It's not very often you get to glow about theatre in LA...so I'm gonna keep glowing until I can't.

See The Sparrow,  10/23-11/21*

Come for the dodgeball. Stay for the dead pigs...or whatever you're into these days.

*If you come specifically to see me, that is lovely! But note that I will NOT be performing on 11/5. If that is the only day you can come, you should. We can sit together and watch the amazing gorgeous rocking Danni Spring and hang out before/during/after.