First Comes Love

Raucous night of comedy (oh, and also a shooting in the parking lot) thanks to a ridiculous experiment by Kyle Ayers. FIRST COMES LOVE came from NYC all the way to LA for one night and I got to hop on the love train.

The short explanation - Kyle requested 4 page porn scripts via craigslist, picked out the gems, and then gathered up his comedian/actor friends to simulate live, on stage. I had the honor of being in THERE WILL BE CUM, a parody of THERE WILL BE case the title was too oblique for you. I was a sexy French maid, appearing for no other reason than that pornos really need a sexy maid sometimes - probably because they are so well written.

The entire night was hilarious (except the shooting...), the showroom at NerdMelt was packed, and I had some heavenly ramen after. So I'm calling the night a success.

In other news, Panda Bear's song Boys Latin is frabulous and everyone should give it an ear: