Disruptive, a bit, a bit

A major update is needed. But I'm busy so I'll get to it when I feel like it I guess is what I'm saying. 

Hypocrite that I am...

I am not too busy to quickly share two songs I am obsessed with. Radically. Desperately.

The lyrics to both are glorious. Fun fact: I'm the worst so I actually prefer them at half speed, high volume.

California Dream

I don't wanna say that I found my niche, but I did have a helluva good time playing a confused supermodel in a Disney channel movie.

Meet Sigbritt Edvardsson, internationally known for her glamour... perhaps less known for her quick thinking. She pulls a Zoolander and assumes that the fantastically named event "World Fashion Summer Dress" contest is about her and is super stoked to accept an award - until she's informed she is *just* one of the judges...

dat green screen tho

Thanks to the teams of Disney France and R-Lines Productions, and to the patient stars of Mere et Fille: California Dream.

In other happy golden joyful news, I signed with Sovereign Talent Group's commercial division and couldn't be happier to be working with Stephen & Susan.

Music Forever

The universe is a cool place to be (is it the only place to be?...hard to know for sure). I was randomly connected to the multi-talented Ryan Amador of (In)Body to shoot a Mad Max inspired music video for a song on their forthcoming album.

 badass shot courtesy of our director/DP: Devin Lyons

badass shot courtesy of our director/DP: Devin Lyons

While we all wait patiently for the video to drop, you can always listen to the song, Safe in Your Heart

Speaking of music, I have to take a moment and acknowledge two songs I'm currently OBSESSED with - nbd I just listen to them on loop for hours and everyone loves me and I'm cool. Anyway, here they are and yeah the videos are great, too

Taco Love

Kyle Ayers' FIRST COMES LOVE returns to the best coast after killing it and packing the house at RIOT LA.

Regularly touted as one of the funniest, most popular shows in Brooklyn, If you haven't seen it yet I don't know how to convince you except to say "GO." YayLA interviewed Kyle so trust them if you don't trust me. 

Watch Trump, Hillary and Bernie!  Ruin one of your fave childhood sitcoms!

BUY TKTS!   If we sell out, Kyle takes his shirt off & I <3 me some male objectification.

The final episode of The Achiever is here! Watch Taco Truck & remind yourself why mustaches are a thing.

Pee Test

Oh hai frandzz!

I have a lovely friend named Nardeep who connected me with new friend Paul on his webseries THE ACHIEVER. It is for the comedies. Give it a try!

My first episode is called "Pee Test" and you can watch it below or on YouTube if you just like clicking. Stay tuned for my second episode of the season and if you like it, consider spreading that warm gooey feeling around some. 

Fuse 21

I'm in a magazine y'all 

we still read those things...right

(as artistic as a self-described "men's magazine" could ever hope to be)

In Fuse Magazine Vol 21 you can find me, beginning on page 66, in a glorious centerfold featuring a taxidermied mouse. Yes. In a publication full of sexy ladies, I take particular pride that photographer Julia SH and I were able to represent the weirdos.

We tried so hard to balance that mouse on my bum, but after it rolled into my crack, alas, we settled with this. In retrospect, laughing definitely probably didn't help Mr. Mouse.

For more shots, pop over to the model page. You can (and should) follow Julia on instagram @JuliaShoots

The Sparrow

Terrible at timely, but nonetheless, the reviews are all that remain of the Coeurage Theatre Company's fantastic final production of 2015: The Sparrow. 

Officially chosen as one of the Best Productions of 2015 by Bitter Lemons, and nominated in almost every category available, here are a selection of things that were said about yours truly *gloatgloatgloat*

"Uniformly excellent...past reasonable expectation"

"Newcomer Lillian Solange nicely creates a blithe campus star with a brain, and a heart that can be touched and broken."

"Top-notch support...reveals surprising depth"

Wrap Open

Worked with Investigation Discovery on episode "Into the Woods" of Murder Book.

Best news is, I was not a victim! Huzzah. I was the plucky young widow of a man disappeared, fighting her way through bureaucracy and small town secrets to discover the truth. DUN DUN DUN! The air date hasn't been announced yet, but when it happens, we should probably watch it with popcorn (and booze).

Rehearsals on Coeurage Theatre Company's The Sparrow are coming to an end, which means...we're about to open!

The Sparrow is the story of a young woman's return to the small town where she grew up, 10 years after the tragedy that originally sent her away. Can she help the town - and herself - move past their collective trauma, or are they doomed to be forever tied to that tragic event? It's a surprisingly funny and touching show. I keep describing it like the weird lovechild of Carrie and Donnie Darko, set in a graphic novel.

Coeurage is LA's only Pay What You WANT theatre company. That's pretty amazing. Apparently, someone once paid them with a fig, which is somehow so damn poetic... and also crazy. You can read about it, and the company, here

I cannot say enough good things about my cast, our stage manager, the creative team in general, or, and most especially, our director Joseph Calarco. It's not very often you get to glow about theatre in LA...so I'm gonna keep glowing until I can't.

See The Sparrow,  10/23-11/21*

Come for the dodgeball. Stay for the dead pigs...or whatever you're into these days.

*If you come specifically to see me, that is lovely! But note that I will NOT be performing on 11/5. If that is the only day you can come, you should. We can sit together and watch the amazing gorgeous rocking Danni Spring and hang out before/during/after.