Natural 20

A group of friends who make the worst possible decisions in the game of infinite possibilities: Dungeons & Dragons

A normal human joins the party and for once everything is normal.

 Featured on The Escapist

Featured on The Escapist

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The Achiever

I don't overachieve. I don't underachieve. I just achieve.

How do you pass a drug test with your friend's girlfriend's pee? Very awkwardly.

French super models. Mustaches and Tacos. What could possibly go wrong? 

Sasquatch Sketch Comedy

Jack Quaid, Zach Webber,  Danny Jolles, & Nick WilliamsDir: Geof Plitt

Danny and Nick use Twister to break the ice.

A message from your dreams. 

Game of Thrones IRL

What would it be like if your favorite "Game of Thrones" characters suddenly found themselves in our world? Here's your answer.